Can you put metal in the microwave?

The answer used to be “definitely not”. It’s something that’s been drilled into us since we were children. No metal in the microwave! But in fact, it’s much more to do with the shape and type of metal used. Being microwave-safe is something that has divided our customer requests and our product line since we started designing lunch boxes, and we know that it’s a feature a lot of people look for.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we’ve been working very closely with our manufacturers to create a new range of stainless steel products that are not only 100% leak proof and airtight but microwave-safe too; introducing the Meal Prep Sets.

But how?

High-quality 18/8 stainless steel used in combination with a smooth rounded surface means the Meal Prep Sets are microwave-safe. The main cause of concern when microwaving metal is sparking, which can happen when metal objects with sharp or pointed edges (like a fork) are microwaved. As the microwave continuously rotates and reflection rebounds in between these sharp edges, flashing/sparking can form (also known as electrical “arcs”) between the item and the microwave wall.

The unique design of our lunch boxes has been developed with manufacturers to ensure completely smooth and rounded edges meaning no reflection, and therefore no arcs, can form. This range has been created to adhere to high safety standards and has been tested rigorously (and no microwaves were harmed in the process).

What about the lid?

Yes, the lid is also microwave-safe! We have specifically designed it to remove the need for single-use plastic cling film to prevent splatter, and also to speed up the heating process when microwaving when compared with other steel boxes. Just ensure the lid lock is popped open (to prevent pressure build-up and release steam), and you’re good to go.

The clever lid lock creates a vacuum seal, meaning our Meal Prep Sets are 100% leak proof and airtight; giving you peace of mind and keeping food fresher for longer.

The seals are fully removable and dishwasher-safe, so there’s no hidden nooks and it’s super easy to keep this range clean.

The lid is also semi-transparent, meaning you can see your meals more clearly. This helps to fight food waste in the fridge, as you can easily see and remember what you’ve got in there.

The Meal Prep Sets are our most versatile range, not only are they microwave-safe, but also dishwasher, oven (base only) and freezer-safe.

Tight on space? The bases stack (same size) or nest (different sizes) for compact storage. No more cluttered food container drawers.

Available in two shapes and three sizes, the Meal Prep Sets are fully customizable for how you want to use them; ideal for the whole family or different meal types.


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