Winter isn’t coming.. it’s already here. With many parts of the northern hemisphere in the grips of a second lockdown, these shorter days and longer nights feel more heavy than normal and we need to find ways to brighten our days and lift our spirits.

So let’s look to the Norwegians who are very experienced with living through long winter months. They have a word ‘friluftsliv‘, which is pronounced “free-luftz-leev”. It translates directly to mean outdoor life, but they understand it as ‘free-air life’ and I love the sentiment. This recreational aspect of everyday living is part of their culture and recognised for benefitting their people’s physical and mental wellbeing. It encourages everyone to spend time living in the great outdoors, whether hiking, sleeping in hammocks under the stars, fishing, picking berries, or anything that gets you outside and lets you fully experience and appreciate nature.

Being out and on the move has always been core to our range and a key consideration when I designed our very first lunch box. It started with a personal frustration and longing for something better than a plastic container to take my lunch into the office with and resulted with our new Lunchbox Original design. Our range could be considered as essential kit for the way we’re living right now, beyond the lunch at desk moment and getting outdoors as often as we can. The colder weather could inspire you to take one of our food thermoses – both our Food Flask and Thermo Pot have the spoon attached so no worries about forgetting the necessary cutlery when you dive into that homemade soup or last night’s leftover risotto.

We’re not just talking about working week lunchtimes either. With the pressures of living with Covid, combined with the world’s growing environmental awareness and general appreciation of the nature around us, there has never been a better time to start practising ‘friluftsliv’ every day of the week.  When celebrating the great outdoors, take your food and drink with you, to make sure you’re staying hydrated, eating healthily and are not contributing to any food waste or single packaging waste.

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