Certainly not to ignore the challenges of the last few months of lockdown, but in all the chaos, one of the biggest benefits I found from working from home was mealtime with my family. I am no home chef, but I often make breakfast and I’m known in our house for a bit of experimenting with recipes like breakfast cookies from Deliciously Ella (who now sell our designs) or banana pancakes from Livevitae (who also recommends our designs). On the whole, we’ve consciously spent time trying fresh in-season ingredients and definitely feeling better because of it. I know I’m not alone either as it’s been widely reported that home cooking has boomed during lockdown and this is definitely something that we all need to remember as we gradually return to our screened, sanitized offices and workplaces.

I’m sure for many of us, facing the commute again isn’t something we’re jumping for joy at the thought of. We’ll all be getting used to wearing masks and consciously staying as contactless as possible but I propose lunchtime can continue to be a moment to savour in our working day. And one of our lunchboxes could be your saving grace when you do return to the office. Why? You don’t need to fall back into the daily habit to grab a lack-lustre convenience sandwich and be resigned to ‘that’ll do’.

Our lunch box designs cater for all sizes and types of dishes and are designed to make it easy to take your food with you on-the-go. They also allow you to keep up the healthy habits. I designed them to make sure it’s a pleasure to eat from and ensure your food reaches your destination leak-free, fresh and ready to eat. With the sun shining, our lunch boxes give you every reason to escape your desk at lunchtime and head to the nearest outdoor space to keep that good habit up too.

Whilst it will be good to get back to work and see colleagues, I hope we won’t revert back to that rushed lunch eaten at our desks between emails. We should use lockdown as a reminder to celebrate mealtime, and be passionate about the food we are eating and take pride in what we put in our bodies. You’ll also be living a more sustainable life, by reducing food waste and saving on food waste packaging by using our lunchboxes and water bottles too for that matter. Plus you’ll be saving money and be able to follow a more balanced diet that will leave you energised for the afternoon ahead. As the quintessentially famous French chef Auguste Escoffier wrote, ‘Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness’.

Just like water bottles have become an everyday accessory and helped people reduce their single use plastic, so too should lunch boxes become an item you always (try and) take with you. Don’t settle for waxy, plastic food containers, but invest in a design that will last and bring you pleasure every time you use it. As we emerge from lockdown and head back to our places of work, we need to find some way to take a positive from a negative and make a change to how we do things in the future. If you are going to buy a lunch box, follow the mantra of ‘buy once, buy well. Invest in yourself and the lunch box you use.

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