Staying healthy throughout the work day is important. From eating right and getting plenty of exercise, to knowing what normal cholesterol levels are, it’s important to stay on top of the condition of your body. But, one thing a lot of hard-working people often forget to focus on is staying hydrated. Think about it – have you drunk enough water today?

To help combat this problem and keep a nation of workers hydrated, we’ve put together some top tips that are incredibly simple and will keep your body full of water.

Bring a Bottle

Keeping a bottle on your desk is an easy way to help you on your way to hydration. Having it right there is basically a constant reminder that you should be drinking water, and you don’t have to keep on getting up and down to get a glass from the staff room. Get a sturdy, large water bottle and always keep it full and by your side.

Avoid Dehydration

An easy way to stop dehydration (aside from, of course, drinking water) is to cut down on the food and drinks that actually deplete your body’s water. Steer clear of processes foods or drinks with high sugar content. Although you may be a big fan of fizzy drinks, they’re not doing your body any favours, and can end up leaving you more dehydrated than before you’d drunk them!

Eat Fruit & Veg

Our water doesn’t all just come from drinks; a lot of our hydration is down to the food we eat. Fruit and vegetables, in particular, contain a whole lot of water, so you should be incorporating plenty into your diet. Bring some celery sticks to snack on throughout the day and switch up a sandwich for a salad every now and again. It’ll also help to promote normal cholesterol levels, so it’s a win-win really!

Add Some Flavour

If you’re not a fan of plain old water, that shouldn’t be a problem. Water doesn’t have to taste like, well… water! An easy way to flavour yours without racking up the sugar content is by adding fruit, such as lemon, or pieces of cucumber and mint. Leave them in your bottle to infuse and you’ll have tasty water in no time.

Track your Drinking

Keeping tabs on how much water you’re drinking is a great way to make sure you’re getting enough, and it makes it easier to spot when you’re definitely not. Whether you keep a little note of how many glasses you’re drinking or use an app to follow your habits, it doesn’t take long to make a note and can help you stay hydrated.

Remember that water’s vital for your health, and it can also help to keep you focused and improve the work you do, so it’s pretty essential! Make sure you’re always hydrated and see the many benefits it brings.

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