If you once felt guilty about enjoying the aroma and flavour of a cup of Java in the morning or after a healthy lunch, start rejoicing. Studies show that drinking coffee can help prevent chronic liver disease, but also help you live longer. Best of all, you don’t need to keep coffee to the mornings; research published in the British Medical Journal, for instance, found that three to four cups were day is the winning combination for a longer life.

Coffee Promotes Heart Health

The above-mentioned review gathered evidence from over 200 studies, to conclude that regular enjoyment of coffee is linked to a lower risk of heart disease and death. It is also related to a lower risk of dementia, gallstones, diabetes, and some types of cancer (including skin, liver, endometrial and prostate cancer). The only proviso applies to pregnant women. Drinking coffee during pregnancy is associated with a slightly higher risk of fractures.

Obtaining the Most from Coffee

The key to keeping it healthy, note researchers, is to avoid unhealthy ingredients that people often add to coffee, including sugar, syrups, and flavorings. It is also important not to drink an excessive amount. Three to four cups is ideal because coffee is a stimulant that keeps you alert for around four hours. After that, the effects wear off and you can start feeling a little foggy. Ensure you have a top-up during the day when you start feeling a little drowsy.

Also, opt for home-brewed coffee rather than espresso maker coffee made from capsules. Studies show that the latter contains more furan (a toxic, carcinogenic compound) than coffee made in a traditional drip maker. Feel free to enjoy your beverage hot, but make sure it is not burning, as drinking boiling hot drinks can harm your throat. For this reason, keep your drink at a perfect temperature in a sexy silver black+blum thermal flask.

Coffee Protects Your Liver

Chronic liver disease is the 12th cause of death on a global scale, though the good news is that leading a healthier lifestyle can prevent or reverse it. According to a study published in the Journal of Hepatology, one way to do so is to drink coffee and herbal tea. Doing so can stave off liver fibrosis or scarring), which results from chronic inflammation. 

Those who love coffee can rejoice in the latest scientific findings, which indicate that this well loved beverage can help boost human health. To make the most of its benefits, enjoy coffee in moderation, opt for quality beans and brew your cuppa at home, and steer clear of sugary products that can negate the natural goodness of ‘black gold’.

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